Shared Task on
Uncovering Truth in Social Media through Claim Detection and Identification of Claim Spans


The rapid growth of online social media platforms has facilitated a significant increase in content creation and information exchange, which has been highly beneficial. However, these platforms have also become a breeding ground for those who spread malicious rumors, fake news, propaganda, and misinformation. Claims play a vital role in shaping our understanding of the world, but unfortunately, they are often used by purveyors of fake news to deceive people. To address this problem, social media giants employ content moderators to filter out fake news from the actual word, but the sheer volume of information makes it difficult to identify fake news effectively. Therefore, automatically identifying posts containing such claims on social media platforms, verifying their validity, and distinguishing between credible and false claims has become a crucial research problem in NLP. Through this shared task, our objective is to develop systems that can effectively detect and identify claims within social media text. To accomplish this, we propose two sub-tasks:

  1. Claim Detection: This involves detecting the presence of a claim within the given text. This can be a challenging task, as claims can take various forms and may be embedded within larger pieces of text. Therefore, the system must be able to recognize patterns and language cues that are characteristic of claims, such as assertive language, specific claims about a topic, and references to evidence or sources.
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  2. Claim Span Identification: Once a claim has been detected, the next step is to identify its specific span or location within the text. The system must be able to pinpoint the exact words or phrases that make up the claim, as this information is crucial for assessing its veracity and determining its potential impact.
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June 10, 2023: Release of the training set

July 25, 2023: Release of the test set

August 10, 2023: Deadline for submitting final results

September 1, 2023: Results announcement

October 1, 2023: Notification of acceptance

October 15, 2023: Camera-ready papers due

December 15, 2023: FIRE 2023

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