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Rockstar Papers

ACL 2022Alignment-Augmented Consistent Translation for Multilingual Open Information ExtractionKeshav Kolluru
ACL 2022 Multi Task Learning For Zero Shot Performance Prediction of Multilingual ModelsKabir Ahuja

Panel Discussion

Discussion Title: In the era of Transformers, would the classical NLP be at risk?
Panelist: Tim Baldwin, Maria Liakata, Lipika Dey, Pushpak Bhattacharyya, and Niladri Chatterjee

Accepted Papers

Paper IDTitle
6EdgeGraph: Revisiting Statistical Measures for Language Independent Keyphrase Extraction Leveraging on Bi-grams
7 Massively Multilingual Language Models for Cross Lingual Fact Extraction from Low Resource Indian Languages
8 Analysing Syntactic and Semantic Features in Pre-trained Language Models in a Fully Unsupervised Setting
11 Knowledge Enhanced Deep Learning Model for Radiology Text Generation
12 Named Entity Recognition for Code-Mixed Kannada-English Social Media Data
13 PAR: Persona Aware Response in Conversational Systems
15 IAEmp: Intent-aware Empathetic Response Generation
20 KILDST: Effective Knowledge-Integrated Learning for Dialogue State Tracking using Gazetteer and Speaker Information
21 Efficient Dialog State Tracking Using Gated- Intent based Slot Operation Prediction for On-device Dialog Systems
24 Emotion-guided Cross-domain Fake News Detection using Adversarial Domain Adaptation
25 Generalised Spherical Text Embedding
26 CNN-Transformer based Encoder-Decoder Model for Nepali Image Captioning
27 Verb Phrase Anaphora: Do(ing) so with Heuristics
28 Event Oriented Abstractive Summarization
29 Augmenting eBooks with with recommended questions using contrastive fine-tuned T5
32 Reducing Inference Time of Biomedical NER Tasks using Multi-Task Learning
33 English To Indian Sign Language: Rule-Based Translation System Along With Multi-Word Expressions and Synonym Substitution
37 Improved Contextualized Topic Models with Negative Sampling
43 IMFinE: An Integrated BERT-CNN-BiGRU Model for Mental Health Detection in Financial Context on Textual Data
44 Methods to Optimize Wav2Vec with Language Model for Automatic Speech Recognition in Resource Constrained Environment
45 Knowledge Graph-based Thematic Similarity for Indian Legal Judgement Documents using Rhetorical Roles
46 SConE: Contextual Relevance based {S}ignificant {C}ompo{N}ent {E}xtraction from Contracts
48 AniMOJity: Detecting Hate Comments in Indic languages and Analysing Bias against Content Creators
56 Revisiting Anwesha: Enhancing Personalised and Natural Search in Bangla
60 KnowPAML: A Knowledge Enhanced Framework for Adaptable Personalized Dialogue Generation Using Meta-Learning
63 There is No Big Brother or Small Brother: Knowledge Infusion in Language Models for Link Prediction and Question Answering
66 Efficient Joint Learning for Clinical Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction Using Fourier Networks: A Use Case in Adverse Drug Events
71 Genre Transfer in NMT: Creating Synthetic Spoken Parallel Sentences using Written Parallel Data
75 PACMAN: PArallel CodeMixed dAta generatioN for POS tagging
79 Error Corpora for Different Informant Groups: Annotating and Analyzing Texts from L2 Speakers, People with Dyslexia and Children
81 Similarity Based Label Smoothing For Dialogue Generation
84 A Novel Approach towards Cross Lingual Sentiment Analysis using Transliteration and Character Embedding
88 Normalization of Spelling Variations in Code-Mixed Data
90 A Method for Automatically Estimating the Informativeness of Peer Reviews
92 Spellchecker for Sanskrit: The Road Less Taken
95 TeQuAD : Telugu Question Answering Dataset
98 A Comprehensive Study of Mahabharat using Semantic and Sentiment Analysis
101 DeepADA: An Attention-Based Deep Learning Framework for Augmenting Imbalanced Textual Datasets
105 Compact Residual Learning with Frequency-Based Non-Square Kernels for Small Footprint Keyword Spotting
106 Unsupervised Bengali Text Summarization Using Sentence Embedding and Spectral Clustering