Industry Connect

The ICON 2022 Industry Connect program provides a platform for startups/industries and particpants to come up together with an agenda to amplify the employment opportunities and build better connections. Startups get a golden opportunity to showcase their area of innovation among India's top-notch researchers and meet potential startup enthusiasts. ICON community is definetely a perfect place to expand your team as well.

Key Highlights

Date & Time: A half-day program in the afternoon session of December 17th, 2022. The Industry Connect session will be conducted in parallel to the main-conference to attract maximum audience.
  • For Startup/Industry
    1. Showcase their thrust areas among top researchers in the nation and abroad.
    2. Meet prospective connections and talk about your next golden step as a startup.
    3. Expand your team! Hire scientists/engineers/interns with the brightest minds from ICON's research communitity.
    4. ICON committee will provide booths and audience arrangement for the idustries to properly accomodate conference and Industry Connect attendees.
  • For Participants
    1. Align your mutual interest with top startups and firms. Talk with potential people, be they CEOs or scientists.
    2. Get Hired! Most of our industry partners will seek potential candidates to join their teams. Don't miss the chance to be a part of a brilliant team.

How to Participate

  • For Industry/Startups:
  • Show your interest by filling this form. Our team will reach out to you within a couple of days with detailed information.
    Fee: INR 20,000.

  • For Conference Particpants:
  • Application Link: Show your interest by filling this form.
    Fee: It is free but must be a registered participant at the main conference.
    Eligibility: Final year PhD (thesis writing/submitted/defended) / B.Tech / M.Tech students and working individuals.