Important: ► Online registrations are now closed. Only on-spot registration will be taken 15th Dec. onwards.


ICON-2022 welcomes participations of all interested individuals. After adequate deliberation, the ICON-2022 committee has finalized the registration fees. Please follow the following three steps to complete the registration.

  • One of the authors of each accepted paper must register to present the paper at the conference. Without registration, the paper will not appear in the final proceeding.
  • If a participant has more than one papers accepted as an author, he/she must register for all papers. In such cases, participants can register for additional papers at a dicounted rate of 50%. However, they must register for the first paper at the normal rate. For example, if an author has two papers, the payable fee would be 1.5x of the registration fee, i.e., 100% for the first paper + 50% for the second paper.
  • Registration for all accepted papers must be completed by 30th Nov 2022 (i.e., during Early bid).
  • NLPAI membership is mandatory for all ICON 2022 participants.
Note: All the attendees have to register for the ICON 2022 conference.

Step 1: Know your Registration Fee.

Early [18th Nov 2022 - 4th Dec 2022]      Late [5th Dec 2022 - 11th Dec 2022]      On-spot [15th Dec 2022 - 18th Dec 2022]

Affiliation to Indian Subcontinent      Affiliation to Non-Indian Subcontinent

Student      Academia or Non-Profit Organization      Industry

Main conference - 16th and 17th Dec 2022
Pre-conference WS/Tutorial/Shared tasks - 15th Dec 2022
Post-conference WS/Tutorial/Shared tasks - 18th Dec 2022
Click here to know the workshop schedule.

Do you have accpeted paper(s) at ICON-2022?
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NLPAI Membership:
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Note: If you are not a NLPAI mmeber, an additional fee for NLPAI membership is applicable. Standard fee is INR 500 for students, INR 2000 for non-profit and academia, and INR 3000 for industry. The email for membership confirmation will be delivered after registration.

Total Payable Fee:

Step 2: Pay your Registration fee.

  • Proceed to the payment link.
  • Fill necessary details. Choose "ICON-2022 Conference Payment" as the payment purpose.
  • Pay registration fee as computed in the first step.
  • Save/Note down the Transaction/Ref id of the payment.

Step 3: Fill the form.

Click here to open the form in a new tab.

Travel Support

Announcement: First round of SERB Travel Grant Recepients has been announced. Find the list here.

With the generous support of SERB, our Printing and Travel sponsor, we are happy to announce the Round 2 of partial travel support for very limited ICON-2022 attendees.

  • Registration in the main conference is a must.
  • Travel support is applicable for students of Indian origin with Indian affiliation only.
  • It is valid for a direct travel from/to a location in India to Delhi only for the purpose of physically attending ICON-2022. Break journeys are not allowed.
  • Preference will be given to attendees who are presenting a paper at the main conference.
  • Tickets will be reimbursed after the conference based on the actual amount of the submitted tickets or INR 3000, whichever is minimum.
  • Submission of self-attested valid tickets and boarding passes (if applicable) are required. Without them, requests for reimbursement will be rejected.
  • Each awardee may need to volunteer at the conference for one day or two sessions.

How to Apply:

  • A one-page application stating the reason (e.g. absence of funds from other sources) for seeking travel support duly forwarded by the supervisor, HOD, OR the academic head of the institute. The application should also include the planned to/fro journey dates.
  • A copy of the valid college ID card should be submitted.
  • Apply here.


  • Application deadline for Round 2: 10th Dec 2022.
  • Notification: 11th Dec 2022