Workshop Schedule

15th December 18th December
# First Half Second Half First Half Second Half
1 [S1]
CoLI-Kanglish: Word Level Language Identification in Code-mixed Kannada-English Texts
Workshop on Multimodal Machine Learning in Low-resource Languages
Workshop on Natural Language Processing in Agriculture and Livestock Management
WNLPe-Health 2022: The First Workshop on Context-aware NLP in eHealth
2 [T1]
Legal Text Analytics
Workshop on AI and Law
Towards Process Knowledge-infused Learning for Explainable Mental Healthcare
Workshop on Indian Code-mixed and Low-resource Natural Language Processing (ICLrNLP)
3 [T2]
Knowledge Graph driven Business Text Processing
Advances in NLP Research for Automated Business Intelligence
Discourse Structure Analysis of Indian Languages (DSAIL 2022)
4 [T3]
Dialog Systems: Trends and Challenges
Social Bias Detection and Mitigation in Text

Accepted Workshops

Accepted Tutorials

Shared Task

    [S1]    Word Level Language Identification in Code-mixed Kannada-English Texts
    Organizer:    Fazlourrahman Balouchzahi, Sabur Butt - Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), Mexico., Noman Ashraf - Harvard Medical School, USA, Asha Hegde, Shashirekha Hosahalli Lakshmaiah - Mangalore University, India., Grigori Sidorov, Alexander Gelbukh - Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), Mexico..