Paper Reading

Location: EE committee Room, 3rd Floor, Block III, IIT Delhi.
# Speaker Name Paper Name Date
12 Anwoy Chatterjee, Aswini Kumar Padhi Basics of RL (Policy Gradient, PPO, TRPO) 17.01.2024
12 Aswini Kumar Padhi, Anwoy Chatterjee Basics of RL (Q-Learning, Deep Q-Learning, PPO, TRPO) 10.01.2024
12 Sahajpreet Singh Interpreting Language Models with Contrastive Explanations 15.11.2023
11 Shubhanshu Khatana AMPNet: Attention as Message Passing for Graph Neural Networks 08.11.2023
10 Pooja Singh Graph Generative Model for Benchmarking Graph Neural Networks. 01.11.2023
9 Shaonli Pal Cooperative Graph Neural Networks 11.10.2023
8 Anik Chatterjee RLPROMPT: Optimizing Discrete Text Prompts with Reinforcement Learning 04.10.2023
7 Aswini Kumar Padhi Faith and Fate: Limits of Transformers on Compositionality 27.09.2023
6 Ayan Sengupta What Can Transformers Learn In-Context? A Case Study of Simple Function Classes 13.09.2023
5 Palash Nandi Verify-and-Edit: A Knowledge-Enhanced Chain-of-Thought Framework 06.09.2023
4 Prasoon Bajpai Graph of Thoughts: Solving Elaborate Problems with Large Language Models 30.08.2023
3 Anwoy Chatterjee Z-ICL: Zero-Shot In-Context Learning with Pseudo-Demonstrations 23.08.2023
2 Amey Hengle Diffusion-LM Improves Controllable Text Generation 16.08.2023
1 Eshaan Tanwar TEMPERA: Test-Time Prompting via Reinforcement Learning 09.08.2023